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The Body in Stories

Three 90-minute sessions on Thursdays, (7-8:30 PM Central time) June 9, 16 and 23 for $30 a session.

In June we are going to offer a Zoom repeat of 2021’s most popular class “The Erotic in Stories”, now called “The Body in Stories” (due to social media banning us for the title) which explores the difficult physical and emotional presentation of romance, sexuality and physical intimacy in stories. What is cliche? What is too much? What is enough to make how we tell about that which we often avoid telling not offend or run roughshod of the rest of the story? Bring the story you are interested in, troubled by, want to tell and we’ll work on it together.

If you can’t commit to all three sessions but want to explore the topic one on one, email us at americanschoolofstorytelling@gmail.com and we’ll schedule times.

How Erotic is that?

by Loren Niemi – September 8, 2021

When we posted the description for “The Erotic in Stories” some wag commented that it was “talking about pee-pee” which probably says a lot about his proclivities but nothing about what the workshop actually is. If anything, that comment points out the need for a considered understanding about what eroticism is amid the frequent and casual misunderstandings.

We are not talking about porn. We are not talking about cliché. We are not even talking about the ordinary images of bare-chested hunks of Romance novels or the prominent busts of femme fatales of Detective/Crime covers, though they may claim it.

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