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Point of View and the Emotional Arc of Stories

Point of View and the
Emotional Arc of Stories

Loren Niemi and Nancy Donoval 
Parkhurst Brothers Publishers, 2020

​The companion to The Book of Plots this one explores “who is telling the story” and why it matters. Also, and quite deliciously, a dozen variations of Little Red Riding Hood serve as examples.

New Book of Plots

The New Book of Plots

Loren Niemi
Parkhurst Brothers Publishers, 2012

​If Inviting the Wolf In… is the theory, this book is the application, exploring 10 useful plot forms with examples and exercises that can be used to create engaging and artful oral or written narratives.

Inviting the Wolf In

Inviting the Wolf In:
Thinking About Difficult Stories

Loren Niemi and Elizabeth Ellis  
August House Publishers, 2001

​This critically acclaimed book explores the value and necessity of crafting the stories that are hard to hear but harder to tell with numerous samples that are both artful and truthful.