National Storytelling Festival- Exchange Place

National Storytelling Festival Jonesborough, TN, United States

Tellers: Loren Niemi, Cory Howard, Tim Ereneta, Steve Daut, Rachelle Dart, April Armstrong Description: Included in your Festival ticket, this one-of-a-kind concert features storytellers from across the country. It’s a great opportunity to hear new talent!  April Armstrong  Award-winning storyteller April Armstrong weaves melodies and words into her multi-cultural folktales, including African-American and Latino stories. She has performed for the National […]

Storytelling Your Life’s Legacy

Hopkins Activity Center 33 14th Ave N, Hopkins, MN, United States

Each of us have stories that we love, whether sweet, funny or sad of growing up, high school, work, family, or the challenges we have faced. Learn how to tell the story of your life. Our "Storytelling Your Life's Legacy" four-session workshop with Professional Storyteller, Loren Niemi, will help you identify, craft and comfortably tell […]

Storytelling- Open Mic Mondays

AMSStory 1762 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the launch of our new in-person storytelling open mic series! This is the first of an ongoing monthly series of storytelling open mics that will take place on the 3rd Monday of the month. Here's how it works: Up to 10 Tellers. 10 minutes each. Any style- traditional, personal, braided. etc. Sign-up will […]

From Story to Stage: Puppetry and Object Work

Guthrie Theater 818 South 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN, United States

From Story to Stage: Puppetry and Object Work Friday, October 20 | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Grades: 6–8 Instructor: Loren Niemi Price: $95 Take a well-loved story and adapt it for performance through the magic of puppetry, object work, movement and play. Students will choose (or write their own version of) a story, identify the […]

Environmental Story Workshop: Stories for Climate Change

AMSStory 1762 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

Storytelling can play a major role in educating, informing, sparking conversations, and moving people towards taking actions for a more sustainable world. This course can help you craft stories that spark conversations about the environment and our role as stewards of the Earth, stories that can help inspire and guide us to do better for […]

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Bowen Lee “Hope is an Action Word”

AMSStory 1762 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

The climate crisis is not the new normal. It is a conflict that must be resolved, and each one of us can play a part in this resolution. Traditional stories can give us the keys to how we can accomplish this challenge. Current day examples of people reversing the adverse effects of climate change show […]

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From Memory to Memoir Workshop


Everyone contemplating writing a memoir asks the question-"Is the story of my life worth telling?" This class says a resounding "Yes!" From Memory to Memoir affirms the value of your life's experience through the combined crafts of writing and storytelling.  This workshop focused on developing memorable characters, creating strong story structure, deepening emotional impact, and […]

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Jim Stowell “Rio Bravo / Rio Grande Part 2”

AMSStory 1762 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

This is the second of four performances of the essential Jim Stowell autobiographical stories, many of which have not been performed in a decade or more. “Rio Bravo / Rio Grande” part 2 continues the lives and times of living on the border, in McAllen, Texas with all the complications of guns, grit and immigration. […]

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Story Beads Workshop

AMSStory 1762 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

No matter if you are 22, 52, or 92, your life stories matter. Whether they are tales of amazing accomplishments or simple accounts of ordinary events, they will speak to the heart and soul of another because your stories are both unique and universal. Come to this workshop and start to mine your precious gems. […]

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Storytelling- Open Mic Mondays

AMSStory 1762 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

Up to 10 Tellers. 10 minutes each. Sign-up will be first come, first serve. Check out our 'Getting Here' page for parking information.