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National Storytelling Festival- Exchange Place

Description: Included in your Festival ticket, this one-of-a-kind concert features storytellers from across the country. It’s a great opportunity to hear new talent!

 April Armstrong 

Award-winning storyteller April Armstrong weaves melodies and words into her multi-cultural folktales, including African-American and Latino stories. She has performed for the National Association of Black Storytellers’ (NABS) Conference, The National Storytelling Network Conference, the Beaver Tales Storytelling Festival, the Connecticut Storytelling Festival, Hudson River Clearwater, and for schools in Jamaica and Indonesia. Armstrong is the recipient of the National Storytellers Network’s 2020 J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist and the 2015 Bronx BRIO awards for Storytelling, and her debut CD won a Parents Choice Silver Award. Visit her website

Rachelle Dart

Traditional storyteller, theatremaker, and teaching artist, Rachel Dart grew up on stories, where mythology was woven into the foundation of her home, folklore hung on the walls like vines, fairy tales danced through the air, and histories walked the halls. Dart trained in storytelling under Liz Weir, MBE, and together they received the JJ Reneaux Mentorship Award from the National Storytelling Network. An Advanced Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, Dart is inspired by characters who endure hardship, are magical helpers, explore gritty truths, and display kindness. Rachelle teaches theatre students at Shea Middle School.  Visit her Instagram

Steve Daut

Steve Daut has been performing in various venues for over 35 years. Whether telling folk tales, tall tales, personal stories, or Mark Twain adaptations, Steve brings quirky characters to the stage, often finding wisdom in the most unlikely places. Onstage credits include magic, sketch and stand-up comedy, improvisation, storytelling, and MC work, but he ultimately found a true home with storytelling, which has become his focus for the last 8 years. Daut is a graduate of the Second City and the Purple Rose Theatre Actor-Director Lab.  His book of short story adaptations, Telling Twain, received Honors from the 2020 Storytelling World Awards. Visit his website

Tim Ereneta

Storyteller Tim Ereneta connects ancient stories to modern-day life, as he shares classic and forgotten fairy tales with audiences of all ages—but especially adults.  Trained as a playwright and actor, Ereneta brings more than 25 years of stage experience to his performances. He has shared his work from Washington, DC, to Chennai, India, including the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, the Capital Fringe Festival, the Stitching Star Storytelling Festival, the National Storytelling Conference, and in theaters, art museums, camps, churches, nightclubs, and virtual audiences. Visit his website

Cory Howard

Storyteller, performer, and producer, Cory Howard has hosted his award-winning, multi-media, immersive storytelling show ‘The Campfireball’ in schools, organizations, and backyards all over the country. The Campfireball show is crafted in the moment around the lives and stories of the audience, and each event is completely unique to whoever happens to be sharing the space together. The result is an experience unlike any entertainment option out there, the show with the twist ending where — surprise! — the audience was actually a community all along. Visit his website

Loren Niemi

Loren Niemi has spent 45 years as a storyteller – creating, collecting, performing, and producing storytelling experiences in urban and rural settings. Whether at Fringe Festivals, poetry and story slams, working in “Post-Troubles” Northern Ireland, or performing on the Great Wall of China, Loren lives the stories he tells. He is the founder and CSO (Chief Storytelling Officer) of The American School of Storytelling and the author of six books, including an award-winning collection of ghost stories and three books on crafting stories. In 2016 he received the National Storytelling Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Visit his website


From Memory to Memoir Workshop

Everyone contemplating writing a memoir asks the question-“Is the story of my life worth telling?” This class says a resounding “Yes!”

From Memory to Memoir affirms the value of your life’s experience through the combined crafts of writing and storytelling.  This workshop focused on developing memorable characters, creating strong story structure, deepening emotional impact, and crafting vivid language. It’s designed for any level of experience.

Workshop taught by Regi Carpenter

Three 90-minute online sessions  Thursdays, Nov 2, 9, & 13. All sessions at 7:00 PM ET.


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Storytelling- Open Mic Mondays

Welcome to the launch of our new in-person storytelling open mic series! This is the first of an ongoing monthly series of storytelling open mics that will take place on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Here’s how it works:
Up to 10 Tellers. 10 minutes each. Any style- traditional, personal, braided. etc. Sign-up will be first come, first serve.

Doors at 6:30, show at 7pm. Please do not park on Hennepin Ave before 6pm as you will get towed!

This event presented in partnership of Story Arts of Minnesota and the American School of Storytelling.

Check out our ‘Getting Here’ page for parking information.

Circus Rex

Circus Rex Book Launch

“Circus Rex” coming Friday, September 29th!

1762 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis, MN
Doors at 6:30, show at 7pm

Join us (Christine and Loren) for a celebration of “Circus Rex” (after 40 years of stories, 20 years and 9 versions in the writing, it’s finally making its way in the world) with bbq, beer, and books.

Oh and stories from Kevin Kling and myself of the journey from the headwaters of the Mississippi to New Orleans that was the source material of this “memoir” gone off the rails replete with carny come-on’s, poetic imagery, and off-beat humor.

Cover art by Michael Sommers

Seeking an Audience

by Christine Mounts ~ September 3, 2023

While wandering the Minnesota State Fair conducting our annual folklore tour, Dr. Buzz’s State Fair Odyssey, we made a stop at the 12:30pm Arts A’Fair performance of the Black Storytellers Alliance. Being the last show, at lunchtime, and in the heat of the day, only two performers told stories under the foliage of the East Grandstand Plaza. But it was a real treat to see their performance.

If you missed the Black Storytellers Alliance at The Fair, you can see them perform by attending the 33rd Annual Black Masters Storytellers Festival on September 28-30, 2023.

Master Storyteller Vusumuzi Zulu tells a traditional story at the Minnesota State Fair Arts A'Fair
Master Storyteller Vusumuzi Zulu tells a traditional story at the Minnesota State Fair Arts A’Fair

Afterward, as our Founder Loren Niemi chatted with Master Storyteller Vusumuzi Zulu, I made my way around the gathered audience, circling the plaza with some promo materials and asked what I thought would be an easy question: “Are you interested in storytelling?” For ¾ of the people sitting on the benches in the shade, with corn and beer in hand, the answer was “no.”

OK, so maybe the State Fair is not the best place to find an audience for storytelling. To be fair to The Fair, the East Grandstand Plaza was a better location than the North End Event Center, which was a place of blazing sun and no seating last year. But I continue to be astounded by the lack of interest or understanding of this artform.

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Pam Faro “Uncle Olaus Survives the Titanic”

The dramatic true story of Pam’s great-uncle who was one of the few 3rd-class male passengers to survive the tragedy. A richly-layered story of immigration, adventure, homesteading, friendship, family, and survival you won’t soon forget.

Thursday, September 14 @ 7pm on the 1762 Hennepin Stage. For ages 10 to adult.

Teller Bio:

Colorado storyteller and teaching artist Pam Faro has spent the past 35 years exploring how storytelling connects people across boundaries, spreads light, and lifts hearts and spirits – needed now more than ever! She invites you right in with warmth and depth, whether she’s telling a bilingual cuento, an intriguing personal story, an historical epic, or multicultural folktales.

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First Night

by Christine Mounts ~ August 20, 2023

“What is going on here?”- a question posed by an upstairs neighbor to some of our guests who had spilled out the front door of “First Night”, the grand opening of the American School of Storytelling on Friday August 18, 2023.

The official answer is “storytelling” or more accurately “nothing new” since storytelling is an ancient artform, indeed the Mother Art. But perhaps it’s new to our neighbors or at least “something different”- an intimate performance venue dedicated to the oral narrative arts of storytelling, poetry, and singer-songwriters.

Not theater because there is no fourth wall separating us from the audience. Not a poetry open mic at the bar on Wednesday to draw in patrons. Not the storytelling slam model that The Moth Radio Hour is renowned for. Not a writing program, not a marketing buzzword, or a gathering of liars, unless you believe fiction to be a lie despite its ability to tell the truth, often better than facts.

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Jim Stowell “Rio Bravo / Rio Grande Part 2”

This is the second of four performances of the essential Jim Stowell autobiographical stories, many of which have not been performed in a decade or more. “Rio Bravo / Rio Grande” part 2 continues the lives and times of living on the border, in McAllen, Texas with all the complications of guns, grit and immigration.

These stories evoke the deep moral and cultural heart of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Each of these stories is filled with the sights, smells and sounds of a landscape so alien, yet so familiar, that you would swear you are traveling in the territory of myth, where everybody’s stories mingle and mesh. Echoes from just about anybody’s childhood can be heard deep in the heart of these stories. But at the same time these adolescent adventures are so distinctly Texan, and so utterly pure, that they conjure a hot and dusty world of their own.

Saturday, November 9 @ 7pm on the 1762 Hennepin Stage.

Teller Bio:

Jayne Blanchard Saint Paul Pioneer Press. “Jim Stowell’s Rio Bravo! Rio Grande! stories are so enrapturing that you feel like those cartoon characters lifted off their feet and floating through the air on the wavy wafts of some luscious aroma. Rio Bravo! examines the sunbaked memories of what he calls, ‘memory geography.’ The memories start gleefully but as boyhood moves into restless adolescence Stowell notices the unspoken truth of what separates once inseparable friends.”

A professional actor, director, playwright and storyteller for around fifty years, Jim has written and directed eleven full cast plays, including two children’s plays, two adaptations, a Spanish language one-act and the book for a musical comedy that has been running somewhere in America for the last 17 years  and produced three spinoffs.

Jim has written and performed twelve one man plays that were commissioned and produced by six different theaters in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. His work has also been performed in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, in a big blue tent in Northern Wisconsin, an Art Center in Mexico, a theater in Guatemala, a school in Nicaragua, a banana plantation in Honduras and a jungle village in Brazil.

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Bowen Lee “Hope is an Action Word”

The climate crisis is not the new normal. It is a conflict that must be resolved, and each one of us can play a part in this resolution. Traditional stories can give us the keys to how we can accomplish this challenge. Current day examples of people reversing the adverse effects of climate change show us it is possible.

Climate Change Steward, Bowen Lee, will tell some tales to get you thinking, motivate and inspire you, and help you carry out your own climate change stewardship. Whether you are actively doing your best to help the planet, or wondering where to start, or not convinced anything needs to be done at all, you are invited to attend this evening of stories of hope and encouragement.

Teller Bio:

Storyteller Bowen Lee is not a tree hugger and doesn’t recommend the practice unless you like splinters, but she does listen to what trees can tell her, and they have some good stories to tell. She is a West Coast storyteller  who has been an environmentalist and educator for nearly 40 years. She is the editor for the Storycology section of the StoryBeast digital magazine, and a member of Asian American Storytellers In Action, Artists Standing Strong Together, and the Storytelling Association of California. She has been a winner of story slams and grand slams for National Storytelling Network and Six Feet Apart, and has performed at the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, the Women’s Storytelling Festival, Settle Stories of the UK, and many libraries and museums.

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